10 Secrets of being a Marvelous Working Mom

10 Secrets of being a Marvelous Working Mom

10 Secrets of being a Marvelous Working Mom

Being a mother has different challenges. Being a working mother simply quadruples those challenges. Whether you are working by choice or necessity, a mother has to make the most of every hour to fulfil
her responsibilities. While no mother has really mastered the art of perfectly balancing personal and professional roles, there are some mini-hacks, some secrets that can help you become an effective working mother. Here are ten tips for being a #MagnificentMother at work and home!

1) Get an excellent planner
Effectively juggling personal and professional responsibilities is the key to success for a working mom. From managing daily work priorities, appointments and kid’s schedules to planning weekend outings, mall visits and fitness regime, a planner or a color-coded online calendar is a must. It will help you stay organized and top of your game all the time.

2) Talk to other working mothers
Getting tips, support and advice from other working moms can be extremely effective to tackle tricky situations. How to give quality time to partners, handle a tricky client or kid’s academic projects and several others – other working moms can play Samaritan for you.

3) Be adaptable
No matter how much you plan and schedule, there will be certain things popping up without any notice. A sick child, broken shoe, boss’ tantrums and so many other issues can come up expectedly. It is better to stay calm and composed in such scenarios and importantly go with the flow.

4) Don’t be on your running shoes always.
While it’s important to maintain schedules and stay ahead of time, it’s also critical for you to slow down and give yourself some quality time. A coffee with a friend, reading books, going shopping is good to get recharged on a daily basis.

5) Unplug from the internet
It is a fact that browsing web on laptops and mobile phones is a huge time waster for parents. A small break to check the notification on mobile can stretch up to quarter or half an hour sometimes. Establishing rules on screen time should be a priority for working moms as well as children

6) Keep a track of your kids
While you’re away from your child, keeping an eye on them on regular basis during the day is important. Sending a text, an e-mail or a phone call will help you stay connected, while making them feel belonged and comfortable.

7) Organize family get-togethers
It’s important that while you’re doing your professional role, you also spare time and make beautiful memories with your family. Taking a surprise vacation, weekend special dinners, attending school annual days and other family events can help make some lasting memories.

8) Develop a support system
As a working mother, it becomes really helpful if you have a reliable support system. Right from friends, family members, neighbors to utility people, known doctors and others, you can build a good rapport with them and have their help in times of unforeseen emergencies.

9) Do yoga and exercise
Being on the go can be physically and mentally daunting. It is imperative that you take care of your health in the hustle-bustle. Practicing yoga and simple workouts throughout the day, some even while working on desk, will help you stay fit and happy.

10) Be positive
Even after giving you 100%, there is a good chance that you would have left something or did not certain thing properly. Accept that it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. Let go off that guilt and be happy that you are giving your best efforts towards your family and career.

As a working mother who has accepted the challenge of taking care of your career as well as family is a big step forward in itself. Just keeping yourself a bit organized and laying some ground rules will help you excel at dual responsibilities.

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