Diversity and Inclusion



Be you, that’s all we ask. We aim to put together a workforce that is a melting pot of amazing individuals from all backgrounds and abilities across the world.


ALOIS Staffing, as a highly organized staffing firm, is committed to promoting an egalitarian culture to create a safe and inclusive work environment for all employees. ALOIS fosters diversity in its workforce, ensuring all employees are respected & valued. We bring together people of varying nationality, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, religious belief, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds.

ALOIS is sensitive towards our employees and believes in the 4 parts:

  1. Gender Diversity
  2. Inclusion of LGBTQ+
  3. Neurodiversity
  4. Racial & Ethnic Diversity

We do not tolerate any sort of bias/discrimination towards our employees and have stringent procedures in place to deal with the wrongdoers. Our tremendous growth stems from innovative ideas of our employees that has reinforced our belief in a work culture that is free from harassment and discrimination. We guarantee that all our Global offices comply with respective work policies and legislative regulations according to the law across respective countries.