Asia Pacific


The requirement of employees across different industries in Asia contrasts with the western world. In 2017, Asia Pacific (APAC’s) contribution of total employment by the top 5 sectors was over 50%. Those sectors are agriculture, forestry, and fishing (28.5%), wholesale and retail trade, repair of vehicles (15.1%), manufacturing (14.5%), construction (8.9%), and education (7.2%).

However, with changing times, sectors like financial services and fin-tech, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, data analysts, scientists, e-commerce, human resource, and retail and luxury are now at the peak of hiring.

ALOIS is adaptive in staffing and recruitment sectors and industries. Digital marketing, data science, software engineering, and product marketing, etc. face challenges while hiring highly skilled or specialized professionals. Our hiring experts personally engage with both the clients and job seekers throughout the recruitment, selection and interview process.

ALOIS’s Asia-Pacific (APAC) team has decades of experience in recruitment. Team ALOIS also includes legal professionals who are experts in staffing and labor laws. Our legal teams follow all the labor laws laid down by the governments of various countries where we function. This comprises following the regulations in place for workers and organizations, safety and health, child labor, equality and discrimination, disability, minimum wages, and working hours, etc.