Famous People Who Made Career Transformations

Famous People Who Made Career Transformations

Famous People Who Made Career Transformations

Everything doesn’t always work as planned. There are some famous people who weren’t hurtling down the career paths that they are in today. They spent years pursuing a different career path before changing the course. Each one of them took the opportunity that came knocking at their door and made the best use of it by dedicating themselves towards it.

Here are some examples of individuals who inspire us and motivate us that change is good and it’s never too late to change paths.

Martha Stewart
She started her career as a model and also featured in television commercials and advertisements in the initial stage. Her second career change was as a stockbroker. It was only in the year 1982 she released her first cookbook Entertaining which featured recipes and photos from the parties that she had hosted. The first book went on to be a great success and she went on to release many more books. In 1990, she went on to develop a news magazine Martha Stewart Living which sold millions of copies and similarly also started a television program based on the same.

Jeff Bezos
The brand name Amazon which is well-renowned because of one man- Jeff Bezos. He had an amazing career in computer science on Wall Street and even took on top roles at various financial firms before transitioning to the world of e-commerce and launching Amazon in his garage on July 5, 1994. Initially, Amazon was a bookstore and later expanded to other products. In 2007, he launched the Amazon Kindle as he wished to create the same flow state found in video game simulations in books. As of 2018, the total estimated net worth of Jeff Bezos is $155 billion.

Ken Jeong
The man who created and starred in the so-called role in Dr Ken, which aired on ABC for 2 years. Ken Jeong shared more than a name with his character since he was a full-time practising physician for years together before changing his career direction to acting and comedy. He says, “Growing up, I only ever wanted to be a doctor. There was never a thought I’d go into acting. I never even did theatre in high school.”

Jonah Peretti
The name might not strike a chord immediately but when someone mentions Buzzfeed everyone surely knows about the website. Jonah Peretti is an American Internet entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Buzzfeed and even the co-founder of The Huffington Post. He made the big career change and was teaching mid-schoolers on how to use Microsoft Office as a computer science teacher before launching the viral new media sites Buzzfeed in November 2006. As of recent evaluation, the site’s net worth is $1.5 billion.

Donald Fisher
Donald Fisher co-founded The Gap clothing store with his wife Doris Fisher. They opened the first Gap store in San Francisco in 1969. It is the first chain in retail history to use its store name as the brand name. The husband-wife duo had no experience in the retail industry before starting off this venture. But their teamwork and dedication have made the company one of the world’s largest clothing chains.

Changing a career is no easy task but it is surely possible. Hopefully, inspiration from these famous career changers will drive you to take the step ahead.

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