How to Market Your Resume like a Pro

How to Market Your Resume like a Pro

How to Market Your Resume like a Pro

A good marketing resume should be well-written which gives complete and detailed information about your employment, experience and education. It should also appropriately define your exclusive value proposition that you would bring to new role plus your added interests and hobbies.

So, here are some of the top ways in which you can to strengthen your resume:

1.      Construct a proper resume

It is important to market yourself well when you are constructing a resume and that is the key point which will help you be a class apart. The complete document should contain important details first and they should be factual and written in a clear and crisp language with bullet-points listed. Also, make sure there is proper spacing between every section; the font is something simple like Aria, Times New Roman or Calibri and the entire subheading must have a bold text.  Any recruiter or employer should be able to easily comprehend the details mentioned.

Most importantly, double check the entire content for spelling and grammar. Also, try to transform and tailor your resume according to the company you are sending it to.

2.      Easily accessible

Whichever jobs site you use to apply for jobs, update your resume on their portal so that way recruiters and employers also have direct access to connect with you. By keeping your resume updated even helps in the searches and there are great chances of receiving some good job offers. Some of the well-known portals are Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and Naukri.

3.      Professional networking

Social media is transforming the way people find jobs, connect and collaborate on a professional level through one single platform – LinkedIn. Many recruiters, companies and agencies post on professional networking sites and they directly get a pool of candidates to select from for the right role. This makes it essential for you to equally have your professional networking profile updated with all the work experience, skills and strengths.

4.      Detailed research

Other than opening that is submitted on job portals and professional networking sites it is also necessary to do your own research. The research should include searching for companies that you would like to work plus similar companies like them who exist in the market. By doing so, there are chances to apply directly to the company along with getting exclusivity to the job application which makes your chances higher to be selected for the job.

Another option is to send your resume to companies which might not currently be having a job opening but would surely give you a call when they have one.

5.      Regular follow-ups

When you send your resume to various companies and agencies, some might respond and some may not. In such a circumstance, it is good to either email or call them and ask for the status of the application sent. While doing so, do add-in a line to show an interest in working for the company at that specific position.

ConclusionThese 5 steps will help you revamp your resume in the right way along with ensuring it reaches to right recruiters and empower your chances of finding the right job role.

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