Job Markets of 2019


Job Markets of 2019

If you are looking for better job prospects there is no better time than 2019 to apply.

Glassdoor recently released the annual Job Market Trends Report which depicts some of the major trends job seekers can expect in the coming year. There is a positive indication of a strong job market to be governing in 2019.

“After nine years of steady growth, 2018 saw one of the strongest job markets in a generation. However, the world of work is forever changing. We’re witnessing a power shift as job seekers leverage their market position and employees make an impact with their voice,” Glassdoor Chief Economist Dr. Andrew Chamberlain said in a statement.

People looking for work in 2019 will encounter a job market that will look to complement the gig economy rather than replace it. According to the report: “The economy is moving away from these types of simple, routine, and transactional jobs. The fastest growing jobs require institutional knowledge and skills.”

The top job market trends that will govern 2019 are as mentioned below:

Increase in jobs
We will see an increase an increase of jobs in various fields especially in fields that are not related to technology in this year. Job seekers who are skilled in marketing and sales will also be able to enjoy the benefits as employers seek to cash in on their investments. In the year 2018, “43% of all open jobs at tech employers on Glassdoor were for non-technical roles,” says the company.

Being recession ready
With the stock market depicting signs of a plunge, employers will have to be recession ready. They will have to be ready in advance with strategies to strive in the market if any downtown occurs. Overall, this will show an effect in business decisions of hiring individuals across various platforms.

Work diversity
It’s been some time now that we have heard about the systemic corporate cultural problems. Will 2019 be a year that will change these dynamics? Now companies need to appeal to job seekers, not the other way around. Companies will have to make a specialized effort to give equal job opportunities to women as well as the minority groups; therefore, bringing in diverse work culture in the organizations.

The advice from Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist for Glassdoor, gave for last year is even applicable in 2019. “Tailor your cover letter and resume as much as possible. With the automation overhaul HR software is getting, tailoring your cover letter and resume to match the job description – while remaining honest about your abilities – gives you the best chance of getting an interview”.

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