Power-up your digital wellness in 2019

Power-up your digital wellness in 2019

Power-up your digital wellness in 2019

As we start 2019, the escalation of digital devices conveys that we are continuously connected to the work wherever we might be, making it challenging to switch off from work, even when it is necessary. Recent studies show that employees are not completely using their holiday entitlement and only about 20% of individuals are taking their allowance.

Whether it’s a two-week holiday or a twenty-minute respite at lunch, John Williams, Head of Marketing at Instant Offices explains why 2019 should be the year to think about how to live healthily and happily by disconnecting from all work-related screens and why this brings several important benefits, including increased productivity and overall happiness.

Being Well-Rested
It is very important that your employees take the required breaks and are well-rested. It not only helps in productivity but overall in business growth. Furthermore, the research found 23% of those employees on holiday regularly checked their emails and 15% admitted to working out of fear of being loaded with work on their return and missing targets. There was also a section of 20% employee that was expected to be available and carry out work if required.

There are also millions of employees who put in extra work hours every week and the numbers are continuously increasing. Extra working hours plus working sometimes even on holidays means that employees don’t get a chance to completely recover from the stresses of office life, and ultimately, in the end, creativity and productivity are hampered.

Between all of this workload on workers, the account of health is not considered – exhaustion and stress take a humongous toll on the body; which may result in more sick leave days all through the year. Moreover, allowing employees enough amount of time off to disconnect from work can result in an all-around boost for office morale.

Points for a digital disconnect

  • Respect other people’s space. Do not bother them with calls or emails at a time when they are on leave unless the matter is extremely urgent and cannot be on hold.
  • Prioritize your work plan. If it is essential to work on your holiday then plan and work on things that required to be done on a priority basis and the rest can be managed later.
  • Set-up an auto-reply. By setting an auto-reply mode both on email and voicemail helps people to be notified to the fact that you are on a holiday.
  • Avoid digital devices. If you are on holiday, do what is required and avoid constantly checking your devices.

    Today globally there are many holiday retreats that offer “digital detoxes” where there are no wi-fi signals and visitors are encouraged to keep their electronic devices away.

    Regular work breaks
    Other than taking off from work – it is also important to take a proper lunch break. To move away from your cubicle and eat at the cafeteria or go outside for lunch helps to boost energy levels and improve your mood.

    We encourage organizations and employees to power up your digital wellness this year.

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