Recruiting a Diverse Blend of Candidates

Recruiting a Diverse Blend of Candidates

Recruiting a Diverse Blend of Candidates

Today there is a mushrooming trend of diversity in the workforce. According to a report by EY, diversity and inclusion can drive a business’ revenue and profits. Organizations that include an assorted mix of individuals from various ethnic backgrounds are 35% more likely to have financial returns that are above the national medians for their industry. Similarly, for companies leading their industry in gender multiplicity, with 15% of them experiencing healthy financial returns.

Here are some key points as to how HR professionals can improve their efforts to attract and hire candidates from a diverse blend of cultures.

The Partiality Outlook
It is essential to not have a ‘partial outlook’ towards a candidate. The first initiation of it starts with the name of an individual. It is important to give equal consideration whether it is Raul Rodriguez, Sameer Khan, Yen Chan or Hiten Patel.

An organization can have diversity in their organization if the HR team forwards a mix blend of resumes further to the recruiting department. The HR team can also collaborate with marketing to diversify employer branding of career pages and partner with legal to carry out a diversity review of hiring practices.

Organizational Commitment
A written detailed layout of the commitment to shared internally and externally, to have a clear idea of the operational practices with dedication and focus on advancement. The combination of diversity and inclusion are a unique approach that helps in the growth of the organization’s culture as well as financial performance.

Integrated Diversity
According to Forbes Research Council – John Sigmon, there is ample data on the organizational value of a diverse and inclusive workforce, from improved engagement and alignment to improved financial performance. Some of the practical steps to enhance your D&I strategy:
1) Include D&I in everything you do.
2) Organize Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) that leverage their expertise to serve on hiring panels, involve them in talent management activities and create opportunities for them to interact with the executive team.

Social Integration
Just a diverse group of candidates or employees won’t work, as an organization the same strategy needs to be applied at different collaterals. It should be applicable for the overall brand of the company through platforms like social media and the career page which can showcase the diverse culture happenings. Recruitment drives can be targeted at college recruiting, community associations, news outlets, networks and organizations.

The company’s webpage and social pages are the first things that candidates look after they’ve viewed a job description. To share what you believe is a great way for candidates to see what you value.

Positive Mindset
Other than having proper strategies and goals in place, there has to be leadership and positive cultural outlook that would welcome diverse perspectives and understanding from every candidate. This helps to broaden the horizons of an organization, its leadership and incorporate respect for those not similar to them.

With the advancement of technology, companies can find various profound ways to attract a diverse pool of candidates. Alois Staffing brings forth job opportunities from organizations like these who believe diversity. Check our job board today!

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