Contingent Hire

At ALOIS, we consistently strive to find the best talent globally that will perfectly fit the job roles and the employers’ criteria. Employee shortages can be because of illness, maternity leave, unexpected departure, or the seasonal surge in projects to name a few. In critical times, hiring is indispensable to keep the project going. ALOIS offers you Contingent Hire Services, which is the perfect solution and fine-tunes the workload vs. workforce balance in your organization.

Our staffing service experts have a knack for assessing the job seeker’s compatibility with the job roles that the employers offer. Our team will help you with quick, flexible, and on-demand hiring with focused behavioral interviews and skill assessment tests. The process will be seamless and efficient.

With offices established in different parts of the world, our outlook is global.

How will you benefit when you choose ALOIS’s Contingent Hiring Services?

We assist you in hiring temporary but highly skilled professionals to save time, efforts and costs on the hiring process, diverting this budget towards medical & training expenses of permanent recruits.

  • Exhaustive working hours interjected by slump periods are a part of every business. While sometimes these fluctuations are predictable, sometimes they come with no warning bells. ALOIS helps you strike a balance at the workplace with our flexible temporary staffing solutions to achieve the optimum number of employees.
  • Managing payroll and compliance for temporary recruits should not be a headache for you because our team of seasoned experts manages this process with perfection. We also ensure to take the burden off your accounts team as we pay your staff.
  • You can trust us even in urgent situations where you need to fill the spot immediately. With our thoroughly examined and evaluated database of talented workers, we can offer seamless hiring solutions.