Contract to Hire

At ALOIS, we offer highly refined Contract to Hire staffing solutions to meet the conditional job requirements of both employers and job seekers. We help clients hire the right talent aimed at contract positions for a pre-defined period with the possibility of converting it to a full-time role later.

We, at ALOIS, know that strategic hiring can be incredibly time-consuming and demand ample resources but this won’t be a problem when you come to us.

Our Contract to Hire staffing expert team will handle procedures like screening, short-listing, interviewing, etc., and will send across a filtered list. The contract period gives you additional time to evaluate the candidate’s skills before you offer them a full-time position.

Through Contract to Hire, we also enable job seekers to assess if they can fit a certain job role in a certain company. Clients from diverse industries like Information Technology, Government and Semi-government organizations, Engineering, Accounts and Finance, etc. have experienced the scale of our efficiency.

In-depth research on organizational goals and culture steers us towards making the right staffing and recruitment decisions for our clients. We value the significance of collaborating with employers and talent having sincere intentions of benefiting each other. The most widely acknowledged benefit is that they are flexible. Temporary workers allow you to respond to market needs and demands, as they happen. They are often used to working in different locations, for different personalities, for varied periods of time.

Enhanced benefits of choosing ALOIS’ Contract-to-Hire staffing services:

  • Choosing to collaborate with ALOIS inevitably means that you save a lot of your precious time and resources.
  • The biggest benefit of hiring employees is the buffer period that both parties get before moving into long-term engagement. The employer can assess an employee’s skill set and cultural fit within the organization before offering a full-time position. The employees experience the work patterns and culture in the organization.
  • The HR departments in larger organizations are overworked and smaller organizations may not have a separate HR department. In this case, the employers often fall short of the resources required for the tedious job of staffing and recruitment. Our dedicated hiring teams will help you eliminate various such stages, thus speeding up your hiring process.

ALOIS ensures 6 main benefits of bringing a Contractual/temporary worker on-board:

  1. Reduced long-term labor cost – A temporary worker does not require an annual salary nor the need to accrue money to spend on paid learning and development for them.
  2. Shorter hiring process – The process for hiring contract employees is traditionally a lot quicker –because you should be hiring technical skills to deliver something specific rather than a long-term cultural fit.
  3. Instant impact – Temporary workers need to make an instant impact so you will not have to spend weeks familiarizing them with the work environment, introducing them to every member of staff and training them with a whole multitude of systems.
  4. Fresh perspectives – An outsider could completely change the way a business operates. Your company could benefit from unique perspectives that a temporary worker can contribute.
  5. Highly skilled, niche experience – Having a highly specialized individual on your team can really help to drive your business forward.
  6. Flexibility – Temporary workers work as per your schedules.