Direct Hire

At ALOIS, we believe that long-term engagements call for going that extra mile while hiring candidates. client satisfaction and long-term relationships are our prime objectives

Companies wanting to fill permanent positions trust us, job seekers looking for their dream jobs rely on us. Our strategically planned recruitment procedures ensure we provide you with tailored solutions for your direct hiring plans. Our extensive network of job applicants will help you fill even the most specialized job-roles with utmost accuracy.

Direct hire candidates enjoy employment benefits like job stability, paid leaves, health insurance, etc. just like any other permanent employee of an organization but they will enjoy these benefits only after a rigorous hiring process that is conducted by our seasoned staffing team of experts. ALOIS has corporates and Fortune 1000 companies as our long-term clients for fulfilling their staffing and recruitment needs.

ALOIS ensures 5 main benefits of a Direct-hire staffing service:

  1. Attract a broader pool of qualified candidates, many of whom are more likely to choose a permanent position over a contract job.
  1. The long-term nature of the position leads to higher commitment and employee retention.
  1. Direct-hire is ideal for not using your own resources to source and screen candidates – unless you want to read 200 resumes to find 10 good ones.
  1. A staffing & recruitment firm not only has access to a larger data pool of qualified candidates, it also has the expertise to screen them more quickly & efficiently than you could do it in-house thereby saving time.
  1. The new hire is on your payroll immediately, so you save the costs of contract hiring.

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