Payroll and IC

ALOIS takes accuracy to the next level when it comes to offering Payroll and IC compliance services to our clients.

At ALOIS, processing our client’s payroll is a crucial task involving a deep understanding of current rules and regulations, tax knowledge and a highly sophisticated operating system.

Payroll is the largest recurring expense apart from being a time-sensitive issue. Irrespective of the size of your organization, the need for a consistently accurate in-house payroll system will only burden you with additional and low-value laborious tasks like attendance of employees, manual calculation and deductions, bookkeeping, organizing, and processing voluminous data, etc.

Our Payroll Staffing Services covers services like new employee onboarding and processing, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, payroll and payroll taxes, tax deposits, unemployment claims, and any other employer burdens associated with hiring a new employee.

ALOIS is highly capable of handling all your payroll issues accurately while you remain laser-focused on your enterprise goals.

At ALOIS, our staffing services team also excels in resolving IC compliance or Independent Contractor compliance.

Companies that hire independent contractors/freelancers need to comply with relevant laws and legal regulations specific to these types of hires. One of the most crucial laws employers must follow rigorously is the worker’s classification law: different types of workers and their criteria. While many companies hire contractual talent for independent, projects, these hires, unlike permanent employees, do not receive health care and other insurance benefits. This might entice certain companies to classify permanent workers as independent ones to cut labor costs. IC compliance laws prevent such classification malpractices and protect workforce rights.

The employers must strictly follow the criteria for classification. However, when a company misclassifies an employee, it can cause costly legal consequences, fines, penalties, lawsuits, and poor reputation leading to customer mistrust.

At ALOIS, we aspire to empower clients to assess their independent workforce within lawful compliance. Our specialized team of dedicated experts, vet every independent contractor, reevaluate them for each new project and can guide our clients to save their valuable resources.