Top 10 Questions To Ask In An Interview

Top 10 Questions To Ask In An Interview

Top 10 Questions To Ask In An Interview

Are you ready to tackle the questions that will be aimed at you in your next interview? It is essential to be thoroughly prepared to respond efficiently to the questions that employers usually ask. There are some questions which are common and hence the hiring managers will expect you to respond to them with ease.

While preparing for an interview, it is important to not memorize your answers. Though it is vital that your answers are clear, precise and factual. By preparing for an interview in advance, you will ready and know what to expect. This overall will keep your confidence levels high and your nerves at ease.

Basic Interview Questions
Let’s take a look at some of the top 10 interview questions you’ll most likely be asked by at a job interview and how to successfully answer them.

1.Tell me something about yourself.
This question is majorly asked by recruiters. Be ready to confidently talk more about your work experience and less about your personal self; and why are you the best fit for their organization. Details related to your hobby, travels and education can be shared and put your best confident self forward.

This step of ‘present – past – future’ formula is one of the key ways to share your background details. It would be a cherry on the cake if you can figure out how your future plans align with the job’s position offered.

2.What is your greatest strength?
You can mostly be assured for this question coming your way. Whenever asked about your strengths remember to discuss those attributes that would qualify for the specific job. Also, sharing an experience that demonstrates your strengths is an added plus. When your strengths, qualifications and requirements match with each other; then the chances of going wrong are absolutely zero.

3.What is your greatest weakness?
It’s the recruiter routine for this question to come up next. The examples of skills that have been improved over time can be shared and instances of how you recognized the weakness and overcame them can be a good point.

4.How do you handle stress and pressure?
What do you do when there is a deadline nearing with loads of work left? How do you deal in difficult situations if the client you are working doesn’t agree to what you are saying? These could be some of the questions that would be directed to you.

It is important to acknowledge that there are always some situations like these and that you have learnt to handle them well with patience and calmness. Also, an experience can be shared for the same situation.

5.Why did you leave your last job?
Whatever the reason for you leaving your last job may be, it is very important to have a positive slant. It is always better to say that you want to explore new opportunities in your field of work. No employer would like to hire an employee who has negative things to say about their past organization.

6.Why should we hire you?
Answer this with confidence. Be sure to keep your response confident, clear and focused. Here, the details of your qualification and experience can be added again and how those connect with the job role the recruiter is offering.

7.What are your salary expectations?
The question is not as simple as it seems. If you say a lower pay price, they could offer something lower than asked or if you overprice yourself then the chances of getting hired are low too.

Think practically and price yourself right and always settle for a salary that is fair and deserving.

8.Describe a challenging work situation and how you managed it?
The best way to answer this question is by stating an example of what you did during such a situation. Moreover, keep it short and engaging to make the story believable.

9.Why do you want this job?
It is a smart question and you should grab the opportunity to answer it smartly. This is where prior research of the company, its products or services, culture and mission will be helpful. Be specific to every detail that you answer, and mention the key points of the company that appeals to you the most.

10.What are your plans for the future?
This question is usually asked to check your consistency with being an organization. Keep your answer focused and aligned with being a part of the company and its growth.

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