Work Trends: Take Control Of Your Career

Work Trends: Take Control Of Your Career

Work Trends: Take Control Of Your Career

How rightly it is said, “Love what you do, or do what you Love”. A major part and important phase of an individual’s life is their career. From the teenagers to one who is already into their jobs are found stressing about not knowing what to choose as their career. Well, that is where is the mystery is. Any person has to put their heart and soul to decide on a career, some might landing choosing what they are passionate about, but many others are lost.

With time the work trends have changed by leaps and bounds. And to keep up with these trends, it is important for every individual to be in their senses and try and take control of their careers.

This might seem tough, but if applied in proper ways, it ain’t a tough task. Some of the points one can keep in mind to take control are as follows:

Train Your Brain: Your brain is more than you think, it is a complete game-changer. According to Mark Manson, we have two brains, one is the thinking brain and the other is the feeling brain. Both are constantly in conflict with each other. If an individual is able to reason out both and train the brain about feeling good over even the smallest wins, and to learn from mistakes, nothing can stop you.

Love What You Do: However cliched this sentence may sound, but this is the truth. When you are completely immersed in your work, enjoying even the simplest things, work is no more a burden, the pressure of completing tasks is also eased out.

Talk It Out: There is no denying the fact that sharing and talking about your messed up and confused lives with a trusted one, helps find unreasonably good solutions. This implies for a career as well, you might not be satisfied, but there is always a way out.

Be Realistic: Do not set up unrealistic goals for yourself which makes you feel more dejected if they are not achieved. Try and set up short-term goals, achieve them at various points of your career and celebrate what you’ve got. Having hypothetical expectations might not result in a god way in the long run.

Keep Going: How well it is said that Life does not rhyme the way that you expect. That is where you need to hold on. Don’t give up too easily, because everything does not turn up to be right every time. The same is the scenario with your career. There are failures, but they are one that makes you learn and grow as an individual.


In order to sum up, you might not be able to take control of your career, but this is the case with almost every individual nowadays. All you need to do is keep exploring and find where your heart lies, where you can feel what you do. As such, just explore more to gain more.

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